Cutting and StylingStylistCreative StylistDirectorSalon Director
Ladies Design, Cut & Finish£51.95£56.95£60.95£65.95
Ladies Design, Cut and Finish Long hair£56.95£60.95£65.95£67.95
Ladies Restyle£56.95£60.95£65.95£67.95
Mens Cut & Finish£40.95£43.00£44.50£47.95
Mens restyle£41.95£47.95£48.95£49.95
Blowdry short£33.50£35.50£36.50£38.50
Blowdry Long/Thick£40.95£41.95£43.00£44.50
Hair up price on consultation    
Tint/grey blendingStylistCreative StylistDirectorSalon Director
Regrowth Tint£53.50£54.95£55.95£56.95
Full Head Tint£66.95£67.95£68.95£69.95
Tint Hairline Parting£29.50£29.50£29.50£29.50
Semi-Permanent/Grey Blending£53.50£54.50£55.50£56.50
Woven HighlightsStylistCreative StylistDirectorSalon Director
Hairline Parting£53.50£54.50£55.50£56.50
Half Head Highlights£70.50£71.50£73.50£75.95
Full Head Highlights£92.95£93.95£96.50£98.50
Toner 15 mins£26.50£26.50£26.50£26.50
Toner 30 mins£35.50£35.50£35.50£35.50
Highlights & TintStylistCreative StylistDirectorSalon Director
Hairline Parting & Tint£88.50£89.50£90.50£92.50
Half Head Highlights & Tint£106.00£108.50£109.50£110.50
Full Head Highlights & Tint£127.95£128.95£129.95£130.95
Hairline Parting & Regrowth£78.50£79.50£80.50£81.50
Half Head Highlights & Regrowth£95.50£96.50£97.50£98.50
Full Head Highlights & Regrowth£117.95£118.95£119.95£120.95
BalayageStylistCreative StylistDirectorSalon Director
Balayage 1 hour£96.50£100.50£102.50 
Balayage 1 hour 15 mins from£108.95£112.95£118.95 
Balayage 1 hour 30 mins from£125.50£130.50£137.50 
Balayage 1 hour 45 mins from£152.95£159.50£174.95 
Bleaching & ToningStylistCreative StylistDirectorSalon Director
Regrowth Bleach & Tone from£97.95£98.95£99.95 
Full Bleach & Tone price on consultation    
Root smudge£53.50£54.50£55.50£56.50
Toner 15 mins£26.50£26.50£26.50£26.50
Toner 30 mins£35.50£35.50£35.50£35.50
A skin test 48 hours before colour is recommended to our new guests.
K Respect Keratin System®    
Medium Length Hair£179.50£179.50£179.50£179.50
Long Length Hair£209.95£209.95£209.95£209.95
Consultation needed    
Top Sections Perm from£71.50£73.50£75.95£78.95
Full Head Perm from£112.95£114.95£117.50£119.50
Exact price on consultation    
Straightening / Relaxing price on consultation
Conditioning Treatments    
Protein or Moisture Mask£13.95£13.95£13.95£13.95
Botanical Repair Bond Building Deluxe£29.50£29.50£29.50£29.50
Brothers Training Academy    
All training is supervised by qualified Stylists/Technicians.
Please be aware that model cuts and colours do take longer than usual times.
Your patience is appreciated.    
Semi Permanent Colour / Toner£31.50   
Tint Full Head£42.00   
High Light Hairline and Parting£36.95   
Half Head£47.95   
Full Head Highlight£57.95   
Tint Add£11.50   
Toner Add£11.50   
Blow Dry is complimentry    
Conditioning Treatment£5.50   

Dear Guest,

Please note that once you have booked an appointment with us, it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you. If you cancel your appointment less than (48 hours) before you will be subject to a late cancellation fee of 50 %. Please provide cancellation notice at least (48 hours) before your appointment to avoid a charge.

No shows will occur the same charge and persistent no shows will be unable to book without making a full, non-refundable payment at the time of booking. Deposits are required for longer colour services, colour corrections, balayage and group bookings appointment by emailing us at brothersoxford@gmail.com or calling at 01865 250696.

Please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully request 48 hours’ notice. Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled without notice, will incur a fee of 50 %

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